We’ve seen major growth happening in the urgent care business. Most of the businesses in this industry have seen at least some increase in sales and customer counts over the past year. This has been true of the last few years a well, and it looks to continue. Many of the established urgent care units across the country have also expanded over the past year, adding on more space to their buildings or expanding into larger clinics.

doctor treats young patientThere have even been a number of new businesses added to the urgent care industry over the past year. All this growth is indicative of an ongoing trend, especially since most of these numbers are up from last year and the year before. But how long can this trend continue? There are many in the industry asking if this business model is sustainable.

While it may be an important question, it is a difficult one to answer to anyone’s satisfaction. It’s not so much about predicting the future as it is about trying to extrapolate the momentum of a trend in that is taking place in relatively untested waters. It has been a while since the health industry has seen such a shakeup in the way business is done.

The rise of the urgent care centers has seen many hospitals and doctor’s offices lose their regular customers to the urgent care centers. That’s because these centers offer quicker service and lower prices. That is definitely appealing, and as long as they can keep offering these things that other medical facilities cannot, they will likely stay successful.

There will always be those who would never go anywhere else for their medical care beyond the places they have always gone. But they are not the lifeblood of this industry. It is the younger generation that any growing industry needs to cater to. That younger generation is looking for ways to save money in order or pay off debt and keep from going back into a recession. They also want everything as fast as possible. This is the age of instant gratification, and that’s what these centers provide.

As long as they can keep appealing to the young generation and provide a service that no one else is providing, the business is likely to be endlessly sustainable, but one should not count out hospitals and doctor’s offices and the initiatives they may take to compete more directly with urgent care centers.